Presentation at a National Meeting

This requirement involves submission of a first-authored abstract to a regional/nationally recognized scientific meeting/conference within the scholar’s academic field and acceptance of the abstract for either poster or oral presentation. The abstract should describe a formative study of a comparative nature and not simply a case report or case series. While the topic of the abstract is expected to be closely related to the scholar’s systematic literature review, the abstract should not solely consist of a systematic review or meta-analysis.

Preparation of a systematic review:

Using unbiased means of identifying studies, the scholar will compose a comprehensive review of the literature pertinent to his or her research question. This review should take the form of either a 3-5 page report similar in format to the Background and Significance section of an NIH proposal or an Integrative Review Paper suitable for submission to a peer reviewed journal. If appropriate the scholar will use meta-analysis techniques to quantitatively summarize the available literature and to describedescribe, integrate and consolidate any controversial the aspects. heterogeneity among the available studies. All scholars will present their review during a session of the Seminar. This requirement should be completed by the end of the first year of the program. It is anticipated that many, if not all scholars will submit their review for publication.

Publication as first author of a peer-reviewed clinical research report:

Using data analyzed during residence in the MS program, the scholar will prepare and submit a first-authored manuscript for publication in an approved peer-reviewed journal. It may be acceptable in selected cases, upon approval of the student’s Committee to

[MGD-UHM1]submit a publication related to a research project that was initiated prior to the student’s enrollment in the program but completed during the program. The manuscript should describe a formative study of comparative nature and not simply a case report or case series. The manuscript may be a comprehensive extension of the work submitted in abstract form to a regional/national meeting, but may not consist solely of a systematic review or meta-analysis (although scholars are encouraged to submit integrative reviews for additional publications). Achievement of this requirement will be considered complete upon satisfactory review by the scholar’s Master’s Committee and