Masters of Science in Clinical Research Objectives

Adult learning theory and problem-based learning will be used to ensure that graduates develop the skills to become self-directed learners. The five competency domains include research, professionalism/ethics, culturally competent leadership and communication, interdisciplinary collaboration, and self-directed learning.

Research: Develop and implement ethically and culturally appropriate clinical research that addresses health disparities in Asian, Pacific Islander, and Filipino populations.

  • Conduct clinical research with cultural competence.
  • Analyze and synthesize literature toliterature to ascertain state of the science in regard to selected areas of clinical research, especially health disparities in Asian, Pacific Islander, and Filipino peoples.
  • Use the Internet to access clinical research information.
  • Apply appropriate research methodologies to answer clinical research questions.
  • Demonstrate successful scientific writing skills by producing scholarly works and writing an approved clinical research proposal.
  • Make correct inferences from data.
  • Apply clinical research findings by implementing and monitoring an action plan based on relevant data.

Professionalism/ethics: Conduct ethically responsible and culturally competent clinical research

  • Demonstrate knowledge of laws, regulations, and policies related to clinical research on the development and implementation of protocols.
  • Apply ethical principles in the design and conduct of clinical research, especially with disadvantaged and underserved populations.

Culturally competent leadership and communication: Establish community- based research networks in selected area of clinical research interest

  • Communicate in a culturally competent manner with persons from diverse cultural, socioeconomic, educational, and professional backgrounds and with persons of all ages and lifestyle preferences.
  • Communicate effectively in writing and voicing demographic, statistical, and scientific information for professional and lay audiences.

Interdisciplinary collaboration: Work collaboratively, interdependently and effectively with other members of the clinical research team

  • Manage clinical research project, including budget.
  • Recruit and supervise necessary staff for clinical research project.
  • Demonstrate the ability to manage research team task assignments.
  • Demonstrate good interpersonal skills, including the ability to work interdependently with other clinical research team members.

Self-directed learning: Demonstrate the skills for self-directed learning

  • Be able to obtain appropriate feedback, consultation, and/or review before, during, and after a research project.
  • Conceptualize and synthesize the state of the science related to selected clinical research questions.