BIOM 646: Clinical Research Seminar

Course Credit: Variable 1-3 credits

Prerequisite: Acceptance into MS Program in Biomedical Science

Placement in Curriculum: Each semester students must enroll in this seminar

Catalogue Description:
The seminar series will provide a broad overview of research, health and health disparities topics in Hawai’i. The series will invite participation of leaders from both research and community settings. Seminar topics will include ethnic disparities in health research, Native Hawaiian health, childhood research initiatives, fitness and obesity research, social and cultural factors related to health outcomes, and ethical aspects of research. The seminar series will cover both studies of clinical outcomes and health services. As small group discussions, seminars offer a forum for exchange of ideas and nurturing of students; relationships with instructors, many of whom may also serve as mentors for trainees’ individual projects.

Course Objectives:
At the conclusion of the course student will be able to devise a fundable research protocol

Topical Outline: See attached

Required Texts: None

Learning Experiences: Lecture, discussion


  • Credit/No-Credit
  • Qualitative